Pray for peaceful international relationships with China, especially between their near neighbours and other world powers. Pray for good communication lines and wisdom in diplomacy.

South Africa

Pray for justice, unity and inclusion across the country for all races and for relief from sustained poverty and unemployment for the nation’s poorest.

United States

With yet another mass shooting in the nation last week, pray for a miracle of better gun laws in this nation. Pray for God to raise up leaders across this influential nation committed to justice, righteousness, humility and truth.

National and local 

Pray for our newly elected federal parliamentarians. Pray they would lead with integrity, humility and wisdom to use the many resources we have for the good of all people. 

Pray for hope and the mental health for refugees on Manus Island and Nauru and for policy that will not leave them in endless limbo.

Pray for new initiatives in the processing of recycling and reusable materials, for outcomes that care for the environment and take responsibility for our own waste production.

Pray for those communities in Queensland and northern NSW recovering from yet another flood.

Give thanks for our financial sector and the blessing it is to our region. 

Church and mission


Give thanks and pray for our parish council that they be good stewards of the resources entrusted to our church and make decisions which will help us to thrive in God’s grace.

Give thanks and pray for the those who volunteer as musicians and multimedia operators.

Pray for the different groups in our church, this week the children and family’s ministries.


Pray for our upcoming diocesan Synod and that decisions will be made that honour God and help his church flourish.

Pray for ministry development growth for the clergy across our diocese.


Pray for opportunities to connect with non-Christians and wisdom to see how the good news of Jesus applies to the questions and concerns they have about life and the world.

Pray for the Faith Runs Deep outreach event coming up in Bendigo.

Persecuted Church

LIBYA: Pray many Libyans would hear the gospel through Christian TV and web broadcasts. Pray the violence experienced by many in Libya will lead them to seek the Prince of Peace.


Sick and in need

Lynette Holt, Lorna Pitson, Judy and George Thomas, J and M and their yet-to-be-born baby, Kathryn Morse, Wes Smith, Matthew Lee, Melissa Nemoto, Anne Sanderson, Brian and Gwenda Allen, Robyn Bullen, Glenda Waddington, and any others known to us.