With widespread protests across the nation due to ongoing covid lockdowns, pray for restraint by the dictators and police. Pray for freedoms to return to the people. Pray especially for God’s church in China to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves in the current upheaval. 

Natural Disasters

Various nations have had devastating landslides and earthquakes this week with multiple fatalities and widespread destruction in communities. Pray for Italy, Cameroon, and Indonesia dealing with the aftermath.


After a particularly ugly presidential election campaign which has caused deep division within the community, pray for this nation and its leadership to begin to rebuild peace and trust one with another.


Tribal conflicts have exploded in Sudan this past year due to the security vacuum created by the military coup. More than a quarter of a million people have been displaced this year as a result. Pray for peace and stable, just leadership.

National and local 

Pray that as a nation we will be good stewards of the land and natural resources.

Pray for the Lord to do a mighty work in the area of personal identity; that our society would stop trying to construct identities without foundation which lead to bondage and confusion, and instead that people would seek identities built on who we are as people created in love and in the image of God.

Pray for all levels of government to lead with integrity and wisdom, and to use the many resources we have for the good of all people. This week we focus on the federal level and pray for the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and our local member Lisa Chesters as well as all members of federal parliament.


Church and mission


Pray that we would grow in our willingness to submit to one another out of reverence to Christ.

Pray for our families, neighbours, colleagues and friends and for opportunities to share Jesus’ love especially this Christmas season.

Give thanks and pray for the those who volunteer in children’s and youth ministry leaders.

Pray for the different groups in our church, this week the Wednesday service and seniors.


Pray for our young people across the diocese to grow in personal faith in Jesus.


Pray for Christians working in the public service. Pray for God’s enabling to serve in his strength and that their work would be a means of great justice and equity in our nation.

Pray for Christian parents as they disciple their children to follow Christ in an uncertain world.

Persecuted Church

ERITREA – Known as the ‘North Korea of Africa’, Eritrea is an extremely volatile place for Christians. Pray for those imprisoned for their faith. Pray for unity and courage for the Christian church.


Sick and in need

Campbell McCullough, Kevin Hutchinson, Marcia Taylor, Margaret Morris, Lorna Pitson, Judy & George Thomas, Kathryn Morse, Wes Smith, and any others known to us.