Refugees and Displaced Peoples

Pray for those forced to flee their homes because of violence, poverty, or famine. Give thanks for those offering welcome to refugees and pray for provision and safety. Pray for peace and pray for generosity to help countries in great need.

Sri Lanka

Pray for the new President and Prime Minister as the nation rebuilds after its economic collapse. As basic necessities like food, medicine, fertiliser and fuel run out, pray for wisdom and generosity from the wider world leaders in how to best help and offer aid.


As the Russian invasion continues to cause devastation, pray for those fighting to defend their homes and for those who have been forced to flee. Pray for peace in this nation.

National and local

Pray for our First Nations’ Peoples, for healing of the grief, loss of culture and identity which our shared history has inflicted. Pray for restoration of purpose and hope in their communities and pray for the gospel to transform and renew.

Pray for continued commitment and increasing generosity from our federal government to offer aid and finance to the poor in our world.

Give thanks for all organisations helping refugees and asylum seekers to find a home in our nation.

Give thanks for our national emergency services, for the police, ambulance and fire fighters and the important work they do to serve our communities.

Church and mission


Pray for people in gospel ministry to use the Bible and so to let people hear God’s word directly in their sermons, training, counselling, evangelising, and mentoring.

Pray that we personally would grow in our love and study of God’s word, that we each would be changed by God’s word and equipped and encouraged in our own personal witness.

Pray for opportunities for each one of us to be witnesses to Jesus in our community


Pray for wisdom and faithfulness for those administering the Bendigo Diocesan Trusts Corporation.


Pray for university student Christian groups, to be faithful in ministry and to be a place where many young people can try out and learn new ministry skills.

Pray for God’s help to see and speak how the gospel is good news for the questions and anxieties of our times and our neighbours.

Persecuted Church

Turkey: though conversion to Christianity is not illegal here, there is strong social pressure from community and the authorities on Christians to give up their faith and to stay silent. Pray believers would stand firm in faith, grow in their love for Jesus, and continue to share him boldly.


Sick and in need

Dorothy Silvester, David Stewart, Tom Glazebrook, Dawn Moncrieff, Marcia Taylor, Margaret Morris, Lynette Holt, Lorna Pitson, Judy & George Thomas, Kathryn Morse, Wes Smith, Matthew Lee, Melissa Nemoto, Anne Sanderson, Brian & Gwenda Allen, Robyn Bullen, Glenda Waddington, and any others known to us.