Amazon Rainforest

Pray for recovery of the forest ecosystem from long periods of drought. Pray too for responsible stewardship of the resources of our planet for the benefit and of all people.


Pray for a calm and smooth transition to stable government leadership. Pray too for the opportunity for a new, collaborative attitude in government towards other nations.

New Caledonia

Pray for an end to violence and destruction on the streets, safe passage for international travellers, and for diplomatic solutions to the crisis.

National and local

Give thanks for the natural resources, native flora and fauna, and the natural beauty of our land.

Pray for our federal government to grow in stewardship of our natural resources, to make policy which cares well for our lands even as it negotiates competing demands.

Pray our citizens would repent of careless use of the lands’ resources, greedy consumption and exploitative practices and rethink our personal environmental footprint. Pray Christians would lead the way!

Pray as we enjoy the beauty and adventure of this land, many would thirst for the Creator and Sustainer who made it all.

Church and Mission


Pray for revival in our church and in all Christ’s church across Australia.

Pray for opportunities for each one of us to bear witness to Jesus within our community

Pray for the finances of our church and for good use of the resources God has entrusted to us.

Give thanks for those who lead in home groups and pray for the growth of this ministry.

Pray for our elderly members now unable to meet with us in person. Pray they may know God’s presence and comfort even as their independence diminishes.


Pray for Fiona and Tracy in their street & prison ministries, and for God’s protection and enabling as they hear and witness many difficult realities.


Pray for Christians working in the public service. Pray for God’s enabling to serve in his strength and that their work would be a means of great justice and equity in our nation.

Pray for Karen as Chaplain at Girton School and for the students to be open to Jesus and his ways.

Persecuted Church

China: Pray for new believers who face isolation from family and community because of their faith. Pray for God’s provision and grace to his people. And pray for revival amongst the Chinese leadership.


Sick and in need

June & John Bicknell, Lois Morrissey, Phillip Blair, Tom Glazebrook, Bev Garner, Gavin Hicks, Matt and Kate Vinicombe, Anne Sanderson, Brian & Gwenda Allen, Robyn Bullen, Glenda Waddington and any others known to us.

Confirmation Candidates

Pray for those who are preparing to be baptised/confirmed on June 2nd – Micah, Joshua, Jacob, Leah, Eloise & Olivia.