This Sunday

Bible readings
Readings for 8am & 9:15am: Acts 2:1-21; John 14:15-21. David Farlie will be preaching.
Readings for 11am & 5pm: Acts 2:1-21, John 16:4b-15. Rev. Karen Reid will be preaching.
The 9:15am service is live-streamed each week:

Steph Mackenzie visiting from CMS

One of our CMS link missionaries, Steph Mackenzie, will be visiting our 9:15am and 11 am services this weekend to share about her upcoming ministry in Northern Australia.
Sermons back online!
Thanks to our trusty volunteers (mainly Anthony W!) we will be uploading our sermons to our website once again!
As we continue to livestream the 9:15am service on YouTube, that will be where you can catch the earlier sermon.
We will put the later services’ sermon onto our church website, under: 
‘Sermon Catch-Up’

Mission Boxes

Mission boxes will be collected throughout May. Please hand in your boxes either to the church office or bring them on a Sunday.

“What on God’s Earth are you doing?”

Come along to a free workshop to connect our work (both paid and unpaid) with God’s plan for the world. This event will help us to reframe our understanding of work according to the Bible’s vision of work and to unpack why we work as Christians.

It will cover work’s joys, its pressures, and its contradictions in light of God’s original creation work and the work of Jesus on the cross.


Trinity Ladies

You are invited to our ‘Welcome to Winter’ Lunch on 3rd June at 12 noon.
It will be at the home of Lyn Holt, 24 James St, White Hills.
Soup will be provided and you are asked to bring a SMALL plate with maybe sausage rolls or a sandwich to share with each other.
Dessert and cups of tea or coffee will be provided.
There is plenty of parking space at Lyn and Kelvin’s home.
Please RSVP by Friday 28th May via the office.

Bloke’s Barn

Monday 24th May at 9:30am.
All blokes welcome.
This week, Peter Simmons will be speaking about his time in the RAAF.

Small Groups & Bible Studies

Are you seeking a deeper connection with God and to build community beyond a Sunday service?
Each week we have a range of small groups meeting and bible studies happening. New members are more than welcome to join!
Please contact Karen for an introduction.

Current Groups:

Groups are mixed gender unless stated.


Bible Study – from 2pm in Karen Reid’s home
Young Adults Bible Study – from 7:30pm in various homes


Bible Study – from 6pm at Holy Trinity.
Men’s Beer and Bible – Fornightly from 7:30pm at The Golden Vine

Bible Study – Fortnightly from 7:30pm with Andrew & Kim Plant
Cindy Bell’s Women’s / Mums group from 1pm Wednesday in various homes

Women’s KYB Group – Mornings at Holy Trinity

Men’s Breakfast & Bible – 7am at Holy Trinity
Bible Study – Mornings in John & Pearl South’s home.

Are you tech-savvy? Could you help?

We have an opportunity to engage in a free government initiative at increasing the confidence, skills and online safety of older Australians.
The program focuses on when they use the Internet and everyday technology such as smartphones and other devices. This program provides all the resources for free!

But to make it happen, we need a co-ordinator!
If you are tech-savvy, it will not be an onerous amount of time but would be a great benefit to many of our older members (and hopefully some of their friends too!).
If you think this could be a good way to serve with your talents and abilities, please see Jenny Furness or Trev Bell for more information.